Product Description


    Amitraz                     150 mg
    Solvent up to            1 ml

    APIVARATRAZ is recommended for the treatment of varrosis in honey-bees.
    It is used in the form of fumigation, at the entrance of bees into the hives, throughout the active season.

    Target species. Honey-bees.

    Posology for each species, route and mode of administration.
    It is administered by fumigation.
    The product (in liquid form) is taken with a pipette and dropped onto the paper web at an equal distance between the drops, thus:

    • multi-storey beehive: 2 drops of product / hive;
    • Dadant beehive: 3 drops / hive;
    • Horisontal beehive: 5 drops / hive.

    If the families were restricted for wintering and diaphragm, then the amount of APIVARATRAZ used will be:

    • multi-storey beehive: 1 drops of product / half of hive;
    • Dadant beehive: 2 drops / two thirds of the hive;
    • Horisontal beehive: 3 drops of product / half of hive.

    If there are two families in a horizontal hive, each of them will be given 3 drops of APIVARATRAZ. For a complete burning of the paper, it will be folded harmonically. The paper tape will light on both ends, insert (without flame) into the hive through the bee entrance, which will immediately close for a maximum of 15 minutes.

    Presentation. Vial of 10 ml, 48 fumigant paper strips, pipette.


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