Product Description


    Iodopovidone             3%
    Glycerin                     7%
    Thickening agent

    It helps to protect the udder from bacteria that lead to the appearance of mastitis.
    It is a slip-up solution that creates the protective film after immersing the nipple in the solution.  The film that forms after application of the product will dry in a short time. This process helps to close the galactophore channel, letting the skin breathe.

    Target species. Cattle.

    Method of use.
    The product is ready to use, it does not need to be mixed with water.
    The product does not leave any color residue but colors the nipple to prevent it from accidentally swallowing. Easily removes when washed with water before milking.

    Presentation. Vial of 1 kg, demijohn of 10 kg.


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