Product Description


    1 ml contains 10 AU synthetic oxytocin.

    Pharmacotherapeutic action.
    Oxytocin is the hormone pituitary with the structure on protein – peptide. Possessing stimulant action on the smooth muscle of the uterus, uterotonic effect, manifested by shortening the frequency and contractions of myometrium and increasing its amplitude.

    In all cases calving laborious and exhausted animals to enhance efforts to expel, to enhance uterine involution and complete separation and eliminating fetal roof in combination with antibiotics or other chemotherapeutic agents in the treatment hypotonia, atony, uterine bleeding, post partum agalactia in sows, release residual milk and mastitis treatment.

    Method of administration and dosage.

    Animal Species Dose (AU)
    1. Cows 30-60
    2. Mares 30-60
    3. Sheep, Goats 10-15
    4. Sows 20-30
    5. Bitches 5-10
    6. Cats 2-3

    In all cases of fetal dystocia presentation or expulsion tract obstructions.

    Storage conditions.
    Dry place, protected from light, at temperature +3 +12 ºC. Transportation (up to 3 days) is allowed to temperature of +25 °C. Freezing of the product is strictly prohibited.

    Way of presenting. Bottle of 10 ml or 100 ml together with the prospectus of use.


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