Product Description

    Composition – repellents.

    Repellent pills against the moles:
    Safe for plants;
    Active – regardless of temperature;
    Easy to use – just apply in the holes and the problems disappear;
    Long lasting and effective

    Way of ussage: At a range of 5-6 meters, a hole in the tunnel opens (where the gallerys are visible to the surface) and each hoop holes.

    Apply 1-2 tablets (depending on the size of the gallery). Pour water between 1 – 2 liters in each hole, then cover holes with soil and press gently to seal the galleria (effective for 3-5 days) by applying the tablets in all galleries.

    Careful! When opening a heap, it is common to have two oblique channels in the ground, whereupon one tablet is applied in each hole (to each gallery).

    Do not cover the tablets with the ground, as the efficiency decreases (only the mouth of the gallery is covered with a soil roll).

    Presentation. Box with 5 tablets


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