Product Description


    Sodium hydroxide           249 mg
    Calcium hydroxide          378 mg
    Excipient up to                1 g

    The paste is indicated to prevent the growth of the horns.
    As soon as the horn feels, the hair of the horn region is cut, a small area of pink skin is observed (there is no hair growth on this area), this is the horn, the point where the paste must be applied.

    Target species. Calves.

    Way of usage.
    Using a stick, apply the paste uniformly on the horn bud (layer thickness about 1mm), apply only once.
    If the application is delayed and the horn is already increased, STOPcorn paste is applied circullar to the base of the horn, a single application.

    An ointment based on grease (vaseline) is applied around the horn, 15-20 mm diameter, then the STOPcorn paste is applied to avoid stretching the preparation on a larger surface.

    Warnings!!!  Use rubber gloves when working with STOPcorn because this product is very corrosive and should be used with great caution. In case of contact with skin, rinse thoroughly with water the contact surface.

    Keep the animals away from the rain so the paste does not run down with water droplets and have eye contact. After application of the preparation, the animal must be kept in the individual rooms for 24 to 48 hours to avoid licking each other.

    Presentation. Jar of 70 g.


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