Product Description


    Menthol, camphor, pepper extract, turpentine oil, essential oil of cedar, fir, carnation, eucalyptus, rosemary, glycerol, PEG – 400, preservative, carbomer, purified water.

    The gel is applied externally for the care and hygiene of horses skin, to improve the metabolic processes of the muscles, ligaments and joints.
    The gel has a double action remedy, providing effective toning and relaxation processes. Initially, the cooling effect of the eucalyptus and menthol etheric oil penetrates rapidly and deeply into the tissue, relaxing the mussels. Then the warming and relaxing effect of camphor and pepper extract that reduces pain sensations and stimulates the involvement of additional immune system factors in the inflammatory site, accelerating the recovery and treatment of traumatized tissues.

    Target species. Horses.

    Way of usage. 
    The gel is applied to the skin surface by light massage movements, 2-3 times a day. After the gel is applied, a rest is recommended for 20-30 minutes. To prolong the effect, it is necessary to overlap or cover the surface. The product is hypoallergenic. Do not apply to irritated skin, avoid contact with mucosal surfaces.

    Presentation. Vials of 200 ml, 500 ml.


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