Product Description


    Sulfanol                          100 mg
    Purple Bromcrezol          0,5 mg
    Solvent up to                   1  ml

    Description. MASTITEST allows detection of subclinical mastitis, detection of somatic cells in milk.

    Target species. Cattle, sheep, goats.

    The product is indicated for the detection of subclinical mastitis in milk to cattle, sheep, goats, checks the effectiveness of the treatment used.

    Indications. Caution!!! Before use, shake vigorously for 3 to 5 seconds.
    Remove the first 3 jets of milk because they contain bacteria present in the nipple.
    Add about 2 ml of milk to each cup of the blade (each cup corresponds to a quarter breast).
    Add 2 ml of MASTITEST into each cup, homogenize the blade for 10 to 15 seconds with an oscillating motion.


    • The reaction is considered negative if the milk mixture remains homogeneous.
    • The reaction is considered dubious if a mixture of milk with MASTITEST thickens almost imperceptibly or forms the jelly that gets a pink color.
    • The reaction is considered positive if the milk mix with MASTITEST forms a gelatinous cloth that easily slides out of the pallet or a very dense cloth that hardly slides out of the palette, haveing a pink mat color.

    To differentiate subclinical udder irritation mastitis that heal without treatment, it is necessary to repeat the test within 1-2 days. If the reaction persists, treatment will be performed.

    Presentation. Vial of 100 ml.


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