Product Description

    concentrated detergent disinfectant with sanitized effect

    Composition. 10% nonionic surface agents, sanitized agents 0.6%, biodegradable amphoteric, food coloring, soft water.

    Usage. Detergent used for disinfection and hygienization of hard surfaces and diverse  floors: ceramics, plastics, linoleum, tile, tiles, professional use. Product with a wide spectrum used internally and externally in transports.

    Properties. Detergent with a high sanitized activity. Suitable for any type of surface. The active substance in the product is a disinfectant and antimicrobial agent with broad spectrum including tuberculosis pathogens, fungus of the genus Candida and other fungus, dermatophytes, viruses (including polio, hepatitis C, herpes, HIV, influenza). Cleans and sanitizes leaving a dirt-resistant surface.

    Surface disinfection regime with solutions

    Disinfection system Subject of disinfection Concentration of working solution, % Exposure of, min.
    Bactericidal virucidal (including parenteral hepatitis, among them polio enterovirus infections, herpes, influenza, HIV) fungicidal, tuberculocidal Rooms (floors, walls, furniture, etc.)., Plumbing equipment, care items, vessels of metal, glass, ceramic, plastic, rubber, internal and external surfaces of transport. 1 100
    2 60
    4 30

    Dosage and usage.
    Diluted from 1% – up to 4% (10-40 ml per liter of water), depending on the level of dirt, and estimation of microbial contamination.


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