Enrofloxacina 10%


    Product Description


    Enrofloxacin – 10 g
    Excipient up to – 100 ml

    Enrofloxacin is a broad-spectrum chemotherapeutical and even strong antimicrobial action of germs resistant to antibiotics. Is a 4-quinolone derivative, being part of the latest generation of synthetic quinolone with a notable bactericidal activity against Gram positive, Gram negative, mycoplasmas and chlamydiae. Compared to the rest of the group of quinolones, enrofloxacin has the lowest toxicity.

    In the treatment of primary or secondary infections caused by Gram positive, Gram negative and mycoplasma
    For cattle and sheep: in pneumonia, nephritis, pyelonephritis, mycoplasmosis, etc.
    For pigs: in anaerobiosis, atrophic rhinitis, salmonellosis, rujet, pasteurellosis, colibacillosis etc.
    For dog: the primary or secondary diseases of the respiratory and urinary system, in gastrointestinal infections, in infectious dermatitis, in otitis etc.

    Method of administration and dosages:
    For cattle: 2.5 ml for 100 kg weight per day, subcutaneously for 3 days.
    For pigs: 2.5 ml for 100 kg body weight per day, subcutaneously respectively intramuscularly.
    For sheep: 0.5 ml for 20 kg weight per day, subcutaneously for 3-4 days.
    To the dogs: 1 ml for 10 kg weight per day, subcutaneously for 5-10 days.
    At salmonelioze doses are doubled.

    Contraindications and Precautions:
    Not be administered to horses, to the young canine until the age of 12 months, to lactating or pregnant bitches and dogs with a history of epilepsy. Is antagonistic to chloramphenicol, macrolide, tetracycline, theophylline and non-steroidal anti inflammatory.

    Standby time:
    For pigs 5 days, for cattle, sheep and birds 7 days after the last treatment before cutting.

    Storage conditions: At room temperature, protected from light.

    Way of presenting: In bottles of 10 ml and 1000 ml


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